Brewery Kraluš

Kraluš Brewery is located in the very centre of Koprivnica town core. It offers a large selection of the best types of beer. The particular name of Kraluš originates from the foam bubbles that remain in the glass after the beer has been drunk, while its historical treasures dominate the look and are a source of tradition, recalling the red collar that women and girls of Podravina wore as a decoration around their necks.

The interior of Kraluš was aesthetically decorated by our renowned academic painters and sculptors, Zlatko Kauzlarić-Atač, Josip Fluksi, and the stained-glass windows are a part of Josip Turković's expression with motifs of the daily life in Podravina.


Brewery Kraluš

10 Zrinski Square, 48000 Koprivnica

Phone: +385 48 622 302

Fax: +385 48 222 052

Working hours:

Monday - Sunday: 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.