Sports and recreation content

Visitors with an adventurous spirit can enjoy hunting and fishing, cycling on marked trails in the town and its outskirts, hiking, as well as diving and other water sports on Lake Šoderica. It is also possible to visit Koprivnica's swimming pools Cerine, which will satisfy the needs of guests in all its segments with numerous and, above all, attractive content. There is also a daily possibility of using cycling trails in the town and its surroundings. Not far from the town there is the international cycling highway of Podravina, the Dravaroute.

In summer, the main bathing destination is Lake Šoderica, while the river Drava is ideal for rowing sports. The Drava provides unique landscapes with sandbanks, steep riverbanks, armlets and flooded forests, rare species of plants and animals, and possibilities for fishing, cycling, rowing, bathing and enjoying nature.