Culturevive and Culturevive II

The Koprivnica Tourist Board has twice successfully applied a project for the pre-accession funds of the EU for the period 2010-2012, in cooperation with the partners of the Hand of Međimurje association from Čakovec and the Association of Old Crafts from Zalaegerszeg in Hungary.

Namely, it was the exceptionally demanding project called "Joining forces in discovering, enhancing and nurturing the cultural heritage of the project area through the joint organisation of cultural events" The financial structure of each project amounts to almost 100,000.00 euros, out of which to the Tourist Board of the Koprivnica got a third.

The realisation of the concept of the project was based on the Renaissance Festival, and was conceived as a cooperation and guest performances of visiting partners at home events, meaning that the historical mega-spectacle of Koprivnica, the Renaissance Festival, gained new participants and co-financing of the creation of new costumes, footwear for Musketeers and Haramijas (guardsmen) and others. Also, through this project, the old crafts have also promoted our town - and the country, too - in Hungary and Čakovec, with the aim of preserving and presenting the long forgotten skills and cultural heritage of Koprivnica and Podravina.

Project-related activities were carried out in the period from 2010 to 2012, which was an additional effort for the employees and external associates of the Koprivnica Tourist Board, in addition to the already existing complex projects that have continuously been implemented throughout all these years. We have to emphasise that the financing of this project and the existing Renaissance Festival was done with the money received from the EU, and not the means of taxpayers.