Đurđevački peski

In the east of Đurđevac, on the way to Kalinovac, there is a geographical and botanical reservation of Đurđevački peski, a unique natural phenomenon in Croatia. In this protected area, for more than 30 years, there are still visible remains of sand dunes. By a way of reforestation, Đurđevac managed to capture these "living and bloody desert," as people of Podravina, the Podravci, once called them.

Today, the area of the geographic reservation, bearing the name "Đurđevački pijesci," is grown with acacia and some lower trees, and numerous bushes of spiny restharrow, so that there would be no more sand in the place. Experts say that this sand has caused the wind to create the proper "Croatian Sahara" even though the name is exaggerated.