Four towers

Old traditions and rich knowledge inherited from the past make the neglected segments of today's society. The goal of the "Four Towers" project is to change the situation by a co-participation of 5 project partners (Council of the Town of Nagykanizsa, City Council of the City of Kaposvar, Koprivnica Tourist Board, Čakovec Tourist Office, University of Pannonia - Campus in Nagykanizsa).

Within the framework of various activities and events, they are trying to draw the public attention to the work of local producers in the Croatian-Hungarian border region. In this way, they want to prevent the forgetting of old customs and traditional products.

The project partners create a virtual, thematic journey whose "cells" are made up of local producers and their products.  Furthermore, the manufacturers will have the opportunity to exhibit and sell their products at major important events in their own country and on the other side of the border. Therefore, the main goal of the project is to create a database of local manufacturers that will make it easier for event organisers, tourists and local residents to locate and discover traditional local values. During the project, the "Four Towers" brand has been established to promote the local manufacturers and their products: there will be various promotional and informational materials and tourist maps, mobile applications, dashboards, and information boards will be made in order to promote a virtual thematic journey that relies on local manufacturers in as many ways possible.

The ultimate outcome of the project will be the creation of a virtual thematic path that will be marked by a common brand and will link the current local and historic values ​​of the two countries. In this way, the project "Four Towers" will contribute to the preservation and promotion of traditional values, old crafts and products and the further development of cultural interactions in the border region.

The total value of the project is almost 350,000.00 euros, of which the Tourist Board of Koprivnica has 66,000.00 euros. The project is based on the organisation of tourist events that will serve as platforms for the promotion and direct sale of local products of producers from Croatia and Hungary. Of course, Koprivnica events involved in the project are the Renaissance Festival and the Motifs of Podravina.