Legend of Jagnjedovec


The legend of Jagnjedovec tells a story of the resettlement in the area and the memory of the feast that took place on April 26, 1642, when the locals hosted the Captain of Koprivnica who allowed them to settle there. It will take place on May 6 in Jagnjedovec (Koprivnica).

Jagnjedovec was first mentioned in 1351. People fled from the village in the time of the Ottoman invasion. The Slavons (Kajkavian Croats) reinhabited it in 1642. The Great Captain of Koprivnica Ivan Vilim Galler “on the plea of one hundred Slavon children” who wanted to return to the area of the Captaincy of Koprivnica, “went to Jagnedovec to watch the trial” of the Vice-captain of Koprivnica Sigmund Igll and Duke Androk (probably Mojses), Ivan Krupec and Radman (of Poganec). Then, certain boundaries of Jagnjedovec were set.

From the Jagnjedovec stream “to a canal that goes to Ivančić’s Head, from there to Dragan’s Hill to the large pulse of the mist of Križevci, from there along the path again to the Kamenski hill and over the hill to a plain, from there along an old path to Vranković’s path, from there going down to the before mentioned Jagnjedovec stream,” there the Captain allowed “certain Slavonians” to settle “in peace and freedom.”