Created by the excavation of gravel of the river Drava, Lake Šoderica was turned into a lake for recreation. The turquoise green color of water, the pebbled shore, and scattered islets are the destinations of a large number of visitors. The fishing paradise, weekend resort, “the pearl of Podravina”, is a paradise for swimming and resting. In recent years, as part of “Summer on Šoderica,” a large number of different events and activities are held.

A special attraction for nature lovers is a permanent colony of swans that live on the lake free from disturbance.

There is no part of the year when Lake Šoderica does not show all its beauty. A reason for sport and refreshment in the summer, and a quiet walk along with feeding hundreds of swans and skating in the winter.

Protected water lilies, lotuses, and other lake plants, as well as old wooden boats, are unique motifs for photo safaris.