FC Slaven Belupo


The first football club in Koprivnica area was founded in June 1907 and called Pupils’ Football Club Koprivnica. On 20 August 1912, members of a famous Croatian Friedrich family founded the Croatian Sports Club Slaven, which won the Provincial Championship of Croatia in 1920. From 1926 until 1930 Koprivnica did not have a football club. From 1930 the Croatian Sports Club Koprivnica, the Croatian Sports Club Danica, and the Croatian Workers’ Sports Club Sloga operated.

In 1945, Slaven was reconstituted as Slaven Multi-sport Society. From 1953 to 1958, the club was called the Sports Association of Podravka, and then Football Club Slaven. The company Bilokalnik from Koprivnica became the sponsor of the club in 1992, and the name of the club changed to FC Slaven Bilokalnik. In 1994, the sponsor of the club became the company Belupo and ever since then the club is called FC Slaven Belupo.

The current stands of the Town Stadium were completed in 2007. The west stand can accommodate 3200 visitors. In the period between 2007 and 2009 the VIP lounge with 120 seats, a TV studio, lighting for the main field, a training field with artificial grass and lighting, video surveillance of the stadium and more were added. In 2012, the whole length of the stadium was covered, hence the stadium now has 1300 covered seats, and modern premises for the press were built (office and press conference room). The construction of the east stand is in plans so that the Town Stadium would receive 5.200 spectators, and so is a football school camp near the swimming pools and Cerine complex.