Rasinja is about ten kilometres west of Koprivnica, not far from the Podravina highway which connects the towns of northern Croatia with the valley of the Drava River. It is located halfway between Ludbreg and Koprivnica, on the first slopes of Kalnik’s sub-mountainous region where the stream Gliboki enters the valley of Podravina.

Rasinja, with its cultural and historical monuments, records the stratification of its past. In addition to the castle of the ban Inkey family and the parish church of St. Cross, there are also valuable remains of Old Town of Rasinja in the village itself and traces of the Templar town of Opoja on the nearby hill called Budim.

Castle Inkey

The new castle in Rasinja was built by the Baron family Inkey at the site of an old curia and commercial buildings of the Old Town of Rasinja, which was the residence of the nobility until the construction of the new castle.

Among the one-storey farm buildings built probably in the early 19th century, one was used as a residence of the nobility. From 1959 to 1994, the larger building housed a primary school, and a smaller castle building housed a local bureau and a health centre.

On a surface of ten hectares, there was once a mansion in Rasinja. It was a complex of castles, yards, farm buildings with a garden and a parish church with a manor cemetery. For almost two centuries Rasinja was in the possession of the Inkey de Pallin noble family.

Lake Rasinja

Lake Rasinja stretches to the edge of the village of Rasinja on the first slopes of Kalnik’s sub-mountainous region, surrounded by green meadows, dense forests, and vineyards, and covers an area of 35 hectares. Created in 1984, by building an accumulating lake and dam for the needs of the former fish farming area of Rasinja, with an average depth of 1 to 6 metres, the lake is known for the biggest fish growth in Podravina.

In Lake Rasinja, capital fish like carp, grass carp, bighead carp, and catfish are caught. Due to the constant reforestation of freshwater fish lakes, conditions have been created for the development of sports and fishing tourism. Lake Rasinja is a true paradise for an active holiday in a healthy and natural environment.

Along the shore of the lake, the embankment is 20 metres wide and the lake is deep along the coast, so the average depth is 1-1.5 metres.

Fishermen from other countries come to the lake and are delighted by the nature, the lake and the capital samples of the fish so that you can fish on the Rasinja Lake 24/7, and the staff of Hotel Podravina will serve you some quality catering.

Ponds of Rasinja

The fishponds are spread over a land of about 70 hectres and are located a kilometre and a half downstream from the lake along the Gliboki stream.

By the ponds, in the beautiful nature, you can observe the rich variety of birds that live in these areas such as white and gray heron, pond birds that love peace and quiet and many other rare bird species.

A special attraction is the 300 years old pine forest, where the gray and white heron nest.