Programme suggestion – Koprivnica on bicycle


“From Leonardo da Vinci to today – Koprivnica Open-air Museum of Bicycles”

The bicycle has a special status in Podravina. Even today, in the era of various motor vehicles, it is an almost essential means of transport of every person from Podravina. Therefore, it is no wonder that, when you are in Koprivnica, you can see both the young and the elderly on this pretty vehicle. Citizens of Koprivnica want to make their contribution to ecology, the improvement and enhancement of health, the preservation of natural environment and the healthy lifestyle. If you add the fact that the town of Koprivnica has built about 50 km of cycling trails, and that it was among the first to launch the “free town bike” action, it is clear that Koprivnica is one of the “most cycling” towns in Croatia.

9 a.m. – arrival in Koprivnica, meeting with the tour guide at the Koprivnica bus station, a panoramic ride through a part of the town by bus. Arrival at Ban Jelačić Square, from where a walk through the Koprivnica Open-air Museum begins. We start from Leonardo da Vinci’s bicycle, a replica of the one from 1510, then we go to the “Draisine” from 1818, and then to the first pedal bike. We are doing a circle around the park and the centre, where, with each new replica, we see more modern bikes, up to the last of the seven replicas – the “Mountain Bike” from 1980. Our tour continues on Leander Brozović Square, where the Town Museum is located (possibility of entrance for a price) and pilasters with statues of protectors of Koprivnica. A walk through the town’s park with the musical pavilion to the Town Hall (architecture and peculiarities of the 16th and 19th-century buildings) and Florijanski Square – one of the most beautifully landscaped squares of continental Croatia. A short repose on the main town square. There is the modern first monument to the bicycle and cycling called “Circle” at the junction of Florijanski and Ban Jelačić Square. A meeting with costumed cyclers. There is a possibility of organising workshops for children (from 1st to 6th grades of school).

11 a.m. – a visit to the Museum of Nutrition, which is, for now, the only one of its kind in Croatia, where ethnographic, industrial technology, etiquette and two-dimensional packaging, propaganda material, photos from the history of Podravka, antique dishware and many other interesting collections are kept.

12 a.m. – a visit to Podravka, “a company with a heart” that has “won over a great part of the world” with its food products, a tour of one of its production plants.

  • a ride to the Danica industrial zone, an industrial zone tour, where most of the major local and international companies are located

1 p.m. – departure to the Podravka Recreational Centre. Lunch at the restaurant “Štagelj”. After lunch, there is time for playing and entertainment on the meadow next to the restaurant, far away from the noisy and dangerous roads. Enjoying clean air and nature according to the desire and mood of the group. There is a possibility of visiting the restaurant “Podravska klet.” From the top of the hill, you can see almost the entire Koprivnica. Return according to the group’s desire and mood.

Going home later in the afternoon

Price: 62.00 HRK per pupil (1st to 5th grade)
Price: 76.00 HRK per pupil (6th to 8th grade)

The price includes:

  • a licensed tour guide / travel companion during the group’s stay in Koprivnica and its surroundings.
  • lunch in the restaurant “Štagelj” (dansteak or ćevapčići, French fries, ketchup, bread, ice cream)
  • a costumed animator
  • expert accompaniment of up to 3 professors free of charge
  • an announcement of visit to Podravka and the Museum of Nutrition (entrance free of charge)
  • insurance in case of accident
  • organization and realization of the excursion, VAT

Price does not include:

A ticket for the Town Museum – 5,00 HRK per student
Transport by bus (we organize transport from your town/village on your request)

The programme is designed for 40 students minimum. We suggest additional travel insurance. For all the rest, the Excursion Agreement and the Marbis Terms and Conditions of excursions apply.