The fishing area near Koprivnica is exceptionally rich in aquatic areas only 15 km north of Koprivnica, dominated by the river Drava, the largest and richest fishing water with its armlets and backwaters, abundant with almost all kinds of freshwater fish such as: catfish, common carp, northern pike, zander, grass carp, burbot, asp, ide (or orfe), common barbel, trout, huchen, Prussian carp, bronze bream, bighead carp, European chub, tench and other kinds of white fleshed fish.

Fishing areas:

  • Lake Šoderica – over 140 ha, 15 km away from Koprivnica, abounds in all types of freshwater fish
  • Old Šoderica – is located along the Koprivnica – Botovo railroad; in the lake, there are capital carp, grass carp, and catfish, as well as other freshwater fish
  • Lake Jegeniš – created by excavating gravel, is located north of Đelekovec in the direction of river Drava
  • Lakes near Gabajeva Greda – there is an asphalt road from Koprivnica via Hlebine; they abound in all kinds of fish (especially northern pike.)

Fishing permits:

  • Hotel Podravina – 00:00-24:00 h
  • Caffe bar “Ribički dom” (Lake Šoderica) – 10:00-23:00 h
  • Fishermen’s Lodge ŠRK Drava (Hlebine) – call the number (048) 836 035 if the lodge is closed
  • Pizzeria “Kavalir” (Botovo) – 07:00-23:00 h
  • All fishing clubs of ZŠRK Koprivnica and the headquarters of ZŠRK Koprivnica