Podravska klet

  • Prvomajska 46 a, Starigrad, 48 000 Koprivnica
  • +385 99 665 2088
  • +385 48 634 069
  • +385 48 634 069

Podravska klet is located in the beautiful natural environment of Bilogora near Koprivnica and surrounded by Podravina vineyards. Its rustic appearance dominates the landscape and fits in it perfectly.

Today’s appearance of Podravska klet is formed according to standards and tailor-made for a modern business man and guest, to fully satisfy their expectations. Gourmands and lovers of this beauty from Podravina have a bigger reason to come to Podravska klet which provides a beautiful view of Koprivnica and the Bilogora landscape.

Working hours:

Tuesday - Sunday:10.00 - 22.00

Brewery Kraluš

  • Zrinski trg 10, 48 000 Koprivnica
  • +385 48 622 302
  • +385 48 222 052

Kraluš Brewery is located in the very centre of Koprivnica town core. It offers a large selection of the best types of beer. The particular name of Kraluš originates from the foam bubbles that remain in the glass after the beer has been drunk, while its historical treasures dominate the look and are a source of tradition, recalling the red collar that women and girls of Podravina wore as a decoration around their necks.

The interior of Kraluš was aesthetically decorated by our renowned academic painters and sculptors, Zlatko Kauzlarić-Atač, Josip Fluksi, and the stained-glass windows are a part of Josip Turković’s expression with motifs of the daily life in Podravina.

Working hours:

Monday - Sunday8.00 - 23.00

Restaurant Zlatan

The restaurant has 250 seats in two halls. There is the possibility of organizing wedding ceremonies, christenings, birthdays, business lunches, cold-warm buffets and caterings with a wide choice of meals and desserts. With the prior announcement, it is possible to prepare barbecued lamb and roasted veal under the bell.

Traditional dishes are on the restaurant menu, but for those who want something more we offer creative cuisine, and there are also pizzas for our youngest guests.

Every day we offer ready-made meals at an acceptable price, and we deliver the food if you have ordered 10 or more ready-made meals.

At the restaurant of Hotel Zlatan in Koprivnica, we offer a warm meal every day, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There are 2 menus daily on offer.

Working hours:

Monday - Friday06.00 – 23.00
Saturday - Sunday07.00 – 23.00

Restaurant Podravina

Restaurant Bijela kuća

The à la carte restaurant of Hotel Podravina has the capacity of up to 350 seats and offers homemade culinary specialties created by the chef. The restaurants are located within the hotels Podravina and Bijela Kuća.

The Hotel Bijela Kuća and Hotel Podravina restaurants offer a wide selection of homemade cuisine of Podravina and a varied selection of modern cuisine. It is also possible to organize catering that can enrich every event and leave an impression on the guests.

The selection of dishes is created according to the wishes of the guests and they organize lunches, dinners, promotions, press conferences.

Grof Pizzeria

  • Novi Brežanec 6, 48 000 Koprivnica
  • +385 99 347 6300

In addition to a large selection of pizzas, the Grof pizzeria also offers grilled, pasta dishes and various specialties.

A unique interior that reminds of some older times, and at the same time exudes warmth and finesse will not leave you indifferent. In a rustically decorated restaurant full of details whose existence we almost forgot, you will always feel welcome.

The menu will include about 20 different types of pizza prepared by one of the best pizza masters in this area, Tihomir Grgetić Grga, and chef Dijana Petek will be in charge of other dishes from the diverse offer we have prepared for you.

One of the best pizza masters in this area, Tihomir Grgić Grga, and chef Dijana Petek will be in charge of other dishes from the diverse offer.

Working hours:

Monday - Friday10.00 – 23.45
Saturday10.00 – 23.00
Sunday10.00 – 23.00

Restorant Katarza

The Kišiček family has been engaged in catering and trade for many years, and they are known in the wider area as excellent caterers.
The restaurant has a very cozy and warm interior where everyone can find their place.
We are able to offer catering, organization of various ceremonies and celebrations as well as business receptions.

Calypso pub

  • Hrvatske državnosti 10, 48 000 Koprivnica
  • +385 48 550 556

Working hours:

Monday - Thursday07.00 – 23.00
Friday07.00 – 23.00
Saturday07.00 – 23.00
Sunday08.00 – 23.00

Restaurant Zrinski

Working hours:

Monday - Saturday07.00 – 22.00
It doesn't work on Sundays9:00 to 16:30

Pizzeria Kalimero

Working hours:

Monday - Thursday8.00 – 23.00
Friday - Saturday8.00 – 00.00
Sunday12.00 – 23.00

Pizzeria Popaj

Working hours:

Monday - Friday08.00 – 23.00
Saturday09.00 – 23.00
Sunday12.00 – 22.00

Pizzeria Fortuna +

  • Varaždinska 23, 48 000 Koprivnica
  • +385 48 644 950

Working hours:

Monday - Thursday08.00 – 22.00
Friday - Saturday08.00 – 23.00
Sunday08.00 – 22.00

Pizzeria Klopizza

  • Svilarska 26, 48 000 Koprivnica

Working hours:

Monday - Thursday10.00 - 22.00
Friday - Saturday10.00 – 23.00
On Sundays and holidays10.00 – 22.00

Pizzeria Fokus 2

Working hours:

Monday - Thursday09:00 - 22:00
Friday - Saturday09:00 - 24:00
On Sundays and holidays13:00 - 22:00