Association Anno domini


The association for the revival of history “Anno domini” was founded in 2010, and it consists of three sections – Koprivnica’s Musketeers and “Haramije” (guardsmen), old craftsmen and other participants of Koprivnica events. The association has over 100 members, and in its “assortment” along with a distinctive and strong-built historical unit, it has over 30 appealing old crafts like blacksmiths, potters, carpenters, candle makers, pedlars, coopers, bread-oven makers and others.

The Association has a symbiotic cooperation with the Koprivnica Tourist Board and monitors its activities. The association is an associate partner of various projects in the domain of the Tourist Board of Koprivnica, in Croatia and abroad: Mark’s Fair in Zagreb, Trogir Fair, Šibenik Fair, Jousts in Sveta Helena, Orahovica, Pakoštane, Bled and Ptuj (Slovenia).

To hire the Association, please contact the Tourist Board of Koprivnica.