The river Drava


Cultural monuments along the river Drava are particularly related to historical events of the area. Numerous archaeological finds are the evidence of early settlements, and many local associations and organisations are trying to preserve the authentic cultural heritage.

On the road along the Drava, you can visit various museums, churches and castles, and experience numerous traditional events, many of which will show old customs that we do not intend to forget here, perhaps more than anywhere else.

Despite the fact that the river Drava runs through the urban centers and in some parts is enclosed by artificial dams and lakes of hydro power plants, this does not seem to interfere with its coexistence with nature. Between the hills and through the plains the river flows slowly through its bed and provides shelter to many animal and plant species.

The river Drava shows its plant and animal wealth to all who want to see and feel it on their own skin. Active athletes will undoubtedly be attracted to many sports activities offered on or near the Drava. You can go down the river in a boat, and it is very popular for fishing.

Along the Drava, there is a bicycle route called the Drava route for those who wish to practice this kind of tourism.