Why Koprivnica?


Because Koprivnica has the most beautiful main town square in continental Croatia.

Because Koprivnica is the gastronomic centre of Croatia, with Podravka, the Podravka Museum of Nutrition and its top quality restaurants.

Because the vicinity of Koprivnica is a godsend for hunting and fishing.

Because in Koprivnica there is something going on during the entire year.

Because near Koprivnica there is the natural confluence of rivers Mura and Drava.

Because in Koprivnica you can see preserved remains of Renaissance earth fortifications.

Because the second largest Marian sanctuary in continental Croatia (right after Marija Bistrica) – the village Molve – is near Koprivnica

Because Koprivnica has the most romantic park in the region.

Because Koprivnica is linked by rail and bus lines with all the parts of our beautiful country.

Because Koprivnica is a small town with a big heart!